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Guitar Teaching

‘It’s not what you play, it’s the way that you play it’

Richard James Session Guitarist, Market HarboroughThis phrase sums up my approach to teaching the guitar. I don’t mind what music the student wishes to play, we all have a different reason for wanting to pick up a guitar and one of the joys of the instrument is its adaptablility. Whatever music you want to play can be played on a guitar. What matters to me is the technique with which you play it and this is what I focus on during the lessons.

The relationship between student and teacher is important for the student to progress to their required level of ability. To that end I always suggest that the student has a trial lesson to see whether they feel they will benefit from my style of tuition. I do not ask for payment of a block of lessons upfront, unless that is more convenient for the student.

Lessons are provided at my purpose built studio at my home – 60 Kettering Road, Little Bowden, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. LE16 8AW. My studio is fully equipped with amplification so all the student needs to bring is their own guitar. The lessons are entirely structured around the student’s requirements. I aim to cater for all ages and all types of music with the only caveat being that a good playing technique is essential.

Richard James Guitarist, Market HarboroughAs of 1st March 2018, the prices are as follows:-

  • 30 minutes - £20
  • 45 minutes - £28
  • 60 minutes - £35

For more information on my guitar teaching, just fill in our contact form - click here and I will be in touch with you shortly, Richard

Richard James - Guitarist

Monday 17 December 2018

Guitar Lessons.

30 minutes - from £20
45 minutes - from £28
60 minutes - from £35


I encourage the student to bring along a CD or download of the music he or she wishes to play. I believe that this encourages regular practice which is essential to progress on the guitar. Practice should be regular and be split into two sections:

GENERAL PRACTICE: This is playing through the music as a whole, gradually improving speed and fluency until the entire piece is of a performable standard, ideally from memory.

APPLIED PRACTICE: This is the isolation of a tricky element of the music and playing it repeatedly until it acquires the fluency of the rest of the music.


Currently I have a 96% success rate with students entering the ABRSM, Trinity/Guildhall and Rockschool graded examinations.


I also offer tuition in music theory to Grade 8 / A Level standard.


My Qualifications: DipABRSM (2004) | LRSM (2008) | BA (Hons) (2010).