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Richard James Classical Guitarist

Richard James Guitarist, Market Harborough

Nothing can surpass the classical guitar to add dignity and create the perfect atmosphere at your wedding. Music sets the mood during your ceremony and dictates the place throughout your celebrations - live music transforms any ceremony. Deciding which music should be played at your wedding is an important decision when planning your big day. Hit the right notes and your wedding day will be even more special.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and let me help make your day even more memorable.

Guitar music can be performed at various times during the day including:


Prelude: I am ready to play and create the atmosphere as the first guest enters the Church or Ceremony Room.

Procession: The personal touch is always important at a wedding so I will be delighted to perform a piece for entrance of the bridal party that is both personal and appropriate for the occasion.

Register: I will also tailor this to suit the mood and will be happy to play music that is personal to the bridal party.


Drinks: I will perform a selection of music during this time that will suit the mood.

Breakfast: During the Wedding Breakfast a huge variety of guitar music will be performed. Classical, Spanish, Blues, Jazz, Flamenco, to name just a few. This will continue until coffees are served.

Richard James LRSM, BA (Hons):
Phone: 01858 681003 / Mobile: 07865 237410

Wedding guitarist

‘Playing at a Wedding at Tintern Abbey, August 2016.
Performing at Altitude if not Latitude (#didn’tenterforGuitarStar)’

Richard James - Guitarist

Wednesday 19 September 2018

My Guitars

For those interested in such things my instruments include:-

- David Argent Classical Guitar
- Brook Lyn Custom & 12 String
- Brook Ukulele
- Rob Williams Custom Electric Guitar
- G & L Custom Telecaster
- Gibson ES339 Electric Guitar
- Hohner/Steinberger Electric Bass
- Blackstar Amplifier
- AER Acoustic Amplifier
- Hartke Bass Amplifier
- TC Electronics effects
- Breedlove OM Acoustic
- Goldtone Guitar/Banjo
- Gretsch Bobtail Resonator


Currently I have a 96% success rate with students entering the ABRSM, Trinity/Guildhall and Rockschool graded examinations.


I also offer tuition in music theory to Grade 8 / A Level standard.


My Qualifications: DipABRSM (2004) | LRSM (2008) | BA (Hons) (2010).